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We will put numbing cream on your skin however, you might experience temporary discomfort. After the 15–20-minute procedure the skin will be red and dry.  It is recommended that you obtain the after care for home use to speed up the healing process. Overall, the redness will dissipate within 1-2 days.  You will begin experience smoother texture and restored volume days after your treatment. 


What is the Price?

The best results will be seen with 2-3 treatments scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.


Add Neck $100

Add Decollete $100

Add PRF $450/vial

Package of 3 $1050 *aftercare included

Package of 6 $1700 *aftercare included

What are the Benefits?

What Can I Expect?


Also called Collagen Induction Therapy. It is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of a needling device, such as a CytoPen. This is a small device that delivers scores of microscopic punctures to create a controlled injury which stimulates the skin's natural healing processes. The process sets off a wound-healing cascade, causing the body to release immune cells that generate new healthy tissue. Adding PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) improves healing, pigmentation and promotes natural collagen production.

 Clients will notice improved skin texture with reduced wrinkles, increased skin plumpness, diminished pore size, scars, stretch marks, sun damage and acne. Natural results will begin to be seen after a single treatment, with full results seen in 90 days post procedure.

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